Question: Is Palpatine Lawful Evil?

Are Sith lawful evil?

Yep, the Sith as a collective are Lawful Evil, in contrast to their arch-enemies being Lawful Good.

The Sith constantly seek power and influence over others, and almost always aspire to rule the galaxy and impose their own desires on others..

Is the Empire lawful evil?

The Galactic Empire is pretty much the epitome of ‘Lawful Evil,’ and maybe the most obvious pairing of every group or faction of people in the Star Wars Galaxy. Ruled by a character who is evil to his very core, the Empire uses fear and force to make the Galaxy obey their strict laws as they increase their power.

What did Palpatine think of Vader?

Palpatine was totally incapable of love or compassion. He was only concerned about restoring Anakin as best as possible and then using whatever power Anakin had solely for the Emperor’s benefit. Palpatine believed that with Vader in this more weakened condition, he would also be more easily controlled.

Is Darth Vader lawful neutral?

Vader is Lawful Evil through and through. He obeys a hierarchy, is self-disciplined and self-control, has decades of training, follows orders from his emperor, and is a bad man.

Is Darth Vader chaotic evil?

Darth Vader is the “Dark Minion” type of Lawful Evil. He may have been one of the most-powerful beings in the galaxy, but in all three movies he is shown taking orders. Darth Vader was an intimidating presence, clearly meant to be both seen and feared.

Is Palpatine lawful evil or chaotic evil?

Chaotic Evil. The only thing that matters to Palpatine is Palpatine and getting more power for Palpatine. He burnt down his Empire because it disappointed him. Absolutely lawful evil.

Does Palpatine consider himself evil?

Despite the fact that the Emperor considered himself a Dark Sider openly, he did not think of himself as evil; rather he thought of himself as a savior. That is a strange way to look at it, Palpatine would be anything but a savior and he is nowhere even close to being a good guy.

Is maul chaotic good?

However, Darth Maul, especially in The Clone Wars and onward, is Chaotic Evil, since he opposes the orders that the Republic, the Sith and the Jedi represent. Maul is a pure iconoclast, even if he creates his own orders like Death Watch who obey his laws.

What alignment is KYLO Ren?

Neutral Evil9 Kylo Ren: Neutral Evil.

What alignment is the Mandalorian?

In strict game terms (DnD, Pathfinder, whathaveyou), Din is Lawful Neutral. He lives by his Mandalorian creed and until recently, he (presumably) strictly followed the lawful code of the bounty hunter’s guild.

Who is Palpatine son?

TriclopsIn the Jedi Prince series, Triclops was introduced as the son of Emperor Palpatine, which author Paul Davids intended to be the literal in-universe truth.

Why was Palpatine so evil?

Palpatine is perhaps the most powerful Sith who has ever lived. It’s his immense connection to the dark side which makes him so evil.

Is Batman lawful neutral?

2 Batman/Bruce Wayne – Neutral Good Batman is generally good but he is a vigilante. Despite the fact that he helps eradicate crime in Gotham, the police consider him a vigilante who doesn’t follow proper procedures. This disqualifies him from being lawful good and makes him neutral good.

Is Anakin chaotic neutral?

Anakin in the prequel is neutral, leaning between LG and CE.

Is Darth Maul chaotic neutral?

Darth Maul is more Neutral Evil, but honestly I would say he’s Lawful Evil too. The Sith are ALWAYS Lawful Evil because they work within an organized hierarchy and believe in attaining success by working within the system. So Darth Maul really isn’t chaotic.

What alignment are the Sith?

ChaoticSith are, at their heart, Chaotic. In and of themselves, they are about being free from control. With Star Wars being so much about Good vs Evil however, the subtleties of each side are lost, with the classic good guy Jedi getting to be the good guys, while the Sith are mostly relegated to the villainous aspects.

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