Quick Answer: How Common Is Eva?

What does EVA stands for?

Ethylene-vinyl acetateEthylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as poly (ethylene-vinyl acetate) (PEVA), is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

The weight percent of vinyl acetate usually varies from 10 to 40%, with the remainder being ethylene..

Is Eva a rare name?

In England and Wales, Eva was reasonably popular around 1900, but it has been little used since, Eve and Evie being the more popular forms today. The name is traditionally more popular in Ireland and Scotland, as an anglicisation of the Gaelic Aoife, meaning “shining” or “radiant”.

Is Eva genetic?

EVA can be a sign of a genetic disorder called Pendred syndrome, a cause of childhood hearing loss. According to a study by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), approximately one-fourth of the people with EVA and hearing loss have Pendred syndrome.

How common is Ava?

Popularity. Ava is the number three most popular girls name in the US, according to 2018 Social Security Administration data. It has skyrocketed in popularity, remaining in the top five since 2005, and rising from 180 in 2000.

What is a nickname for Eva?

Despite her length, little Eva does have nickname potential, with Evie and Eve hanging in her corner.

What is Ava a nickname for?

May be from the Latin “avis,” meaning “bird.” It could also be a short form of the name Chava (“life” or “living one”), the Hebrew form of Eve. … It was popularized as a girls’ name by actress Ava Gardner.

What is a good middle name for Ava?

Below are 100 beautiful middle names for Ava1). Ava Easton.2). Ava Harmony.3). Ava Paige.4). Ava Cheyenne.5). Ava Leonie.6). Ava Maisie.7). Ava Scarlett.8). Ava Violet.More items…•Jun 2, 2020

Eva has been a Top 100 name since 2009 and is one of the elite group of girl names that mean life. … Eva is a highly popular girls’ name in the Netherlands.

What is Eva in medical terms?

When a vestibular aqueduct is larger than normal (>1.0-1.5 mm), it is known as a large vestibular aqueduct (LVA) or by the term used here, enlarged vestibular aqueduct (EVA). EVA is the most common inner ear malformation associated with sensory hearing loss, and is detected with a CT scan.

Is Ava a pretty name?

Ava was given a huge popularity boost—Ava’s currently among the top girl names and the top girls’ name starting with A—when dozens of high-profile stars such as Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman chose Ava for their daughters. Another reason for its appeal: It’s one of the elite group of girl names that mean life.

Is Eva an Indian name?

What is the meaning of Eva ? Eva is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Eva name meanings is Beloved, Life, Living one, Variant of eve.

Is enlarged vestibular aqueduct hereditary?

Enlarged vestibular aqueduct (EVA; MIM 600791) is an autosomal recessive genetic disease causing congenital inner ear malformation that accounts for 1–12% of sensorineural deafness in children and adolescents [1].

What is Eva syndrome?

Enlarged vestibular aqueduct (EVA) syndrome is a common congenital inner ear malformation characterized by a vestibular aqueduct with a diameter larger than 1.5 mm, mixed or sensorineural hearing loss that ranges from mild to profound, and vestibular disorders that may be present with a range from mild imbalance to …

What’s a badass name for a girl?

Badass Girl Names for Your Rebel PrincessDavinaBelovedScottishDianaHeavenly and divineLatinDolaThe crown brings honorAfricanDominiqueLordLatinDominoLordLatin10 more rows

Is Eva Short for Evelyn?

Evie is a feminine given name, diminutive of Eve and Evelyn; often a short form (hypocorism) of another, such as Evangeline, Evangelina, Evita or even the French Geneviève.