Quick Answer: What Did Ebright Do For His Eighth Grade Project?

How did Ebright raise a flock of butterflies?

Richard Ebright performed an experiment on a gather of butterflies and raises the eggs of female royals.

Explanation: The cells would divide and grow into a normal butterfly, he discovered that if they were fed a hormone that was found in the gold spots of the ruler..

Which project in the eighth grade finally won Richard Ebright an award?

Answer: As a high school junior, Richard Ebright continued his advanced experiments on the monarch pupa. That year his project won first place at the International Science Fair and gave him another chance to work in the army laboratory during the summer.

Why did Ebright drop the project on butterflies?

Answer: Richard Ebright lost interest in tagging butterflies as it was tedious and there was not much feedback. He could recapture only two butterflies in all the time he did it and they were not more than seventy five miles away from where he lived. What are the ingredients in the making of a scientist?

What is the theory of Richard Ebright?

His new theory of cells attempts to answer how cells can ‘read’ the blueprint of its DNA which is the substance in the nucleus of a cell and controls heredity. It determines the form and function of the cell. Ebright’s new theory explains how cells get their shape and function.

Which product did Richard undertake in eighth grade?

Which project did Richard undertake in the eighth grade? Answer: Richard undertook the project to find the cause of a viral fever that had killed thousands of butterflies. He thought that a beetle might carry the virus although he was not able to prove it.

Why did Ebright raise a flock of butterflies 10?

Why did Ebright decide to raise butterflies in his basement? He wanted to tag the monarch butterflies to study their migration. Since butterfly season lasted only six weeks he wouldn’t be able catch many and tag them. Hence, he decided to raise them in his basement.

What was the area of study of Ebright in his eighth grade?

The book The Travels of Monarch X gave him a thorough knowledge about the monarch butterflies. In the second year of his high school, Ebright began to search an unknown hormone in the gold spots of butterflies. In later years, he discovered how a cell could read the blueprint of its DNA.

Why did Ebright write to Urquhart?

Ebright wrote to Dr Urquhart for ideas. In reply, the famous scientist gave him many suggestions for experiments. These experiments kept Ebright busy all through high school. He also won many prizes in the county and international science fairs.

How was Ebright as a student?

Ebright was a brilliant student. He earned top grades in his class. When he was in second grade, he had collected all the twenty-five species of butterflies. … In his second year, Ebright studied the purpose of the twelve tiny gold spots on a monarch pupa.

Who encouraged Ebright in his interest in learning?

Answer: Richard Ebright’s mother helped him by encouraging his interest in learning. She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials and other equipments, and helped him in many other ways.

What was the new theory on the life of cells of Ebright?

Ebright initiated his research on the monarch pupa by studying the purpose of the twelve gold spots on its body. He discovered that these spots produced a hormone which helped in butterfly’s full development. … He cultured the hormones and identified its chemical structure. It led to his theory of cell life.

How can Ebright theory of cell revolution is proved correct?

How can Albright’s theory of cell life be a revolution in the medical field if it is proved correct? Ans. Ebright identified the chemical structure of the gold spot hormone and found so cells can read the blueprint of its DNA.

Why did Mr Weiherer comment that Richard was competitive?

He said that Richard was competitive, not in a bad sense but because he wanted to do his best job and that’s what made him a winner.

What happened when Ebright was in seventh grade?

When Ebright was in seventh grade, he got a hint of what the real science is after he lost in country science fair. Dr. Urquhart guided his research by suggesting him a number of topics for his experiments. … This book opened the world of science to him and proved to be a turning point in his life.

What is the moral of the story the making of a scientist?

Answer. To encourage the learners for their inclination towards beginning with small discoveries and inculcate the habits thereof. To make them learn about Richard Ebright and his journey to become scientist. … Learners can get knowledge of various stage, species and growth of butterflies.

How far is it true that Ebright was a born scientist?

It is true Ebright was a born scientist. Many other factors also contributed to his making as a scientist. He was the only son of a single mother. Alone he could not play games such as football or baseball, so he was fascinated by collecting things such as butterflies, rocks, fossils, and coins.

Who is ebright 10?

Answer: Ebright was a scientist who grew up north of Reading, Pennsylvania and excited the scientific world with a theory about cell life. He has received the Searle Scholar Award and Schering Plough Award for biochemistry and molecular biology.

Why did Ebright start a project?

richard ebright,started tagging monarch butterflies..so he decided to raise a flock of butterflies. he would caught a female monarch and take her eggs. he would raise them in his basement from egg to caterpillr to pupa to adult butterfly.

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