Quick Answer: What Does Reversibly Mean?

What does forcible mean?

1 : effected by force used against opposition or resistance.

2 : characterized by force, efficiency, or energy : powerful..

How do you stop reversibility?

Some tips for overcoming reversibility:After an extended rest from exercise, start back off slowly.Resume your training with greater volume as opposed to higher intensity.Focus on improving your flexibility.Avoid maximum attempts with your weight lifting.Jan 9, 2013

What does preferring mean?

verb (used with object), pre·ferred, pre·fer·ring. to set or hold before or above other persons or things in estimation; like better; choose rather than: to prefer beef to chicken. Law. to give priority, as to one creditor over another.

Is reversibly a word?

adjective. capable of reversing or of being reversed. capable of reestablishing the original condition after a change by the reverse of the change.

What irreversible means?

incapable of being reversedMedical Definition of irreversible : incapable of being reversed : not reversible an irreversible medical procedure : as. a : impossible to make run or take place backward irreversible chemical syntheses.

How do you use reversibly in a sentence?

Use “reversibly” in a sentence | “reversibly” sentence examplesPostoperative recurrent laryngeal nerver was reversibly damaged in 1, no atelectasis and bronchopleural fistula in anyone.These drugs work by reversibly blocking nerve conduction.Both synthetic and natural complexes which can reversibly bind dioxygen are termed oxygen carrier.More items…•Jul 29, 2019

Is sensible a word?

adjective. having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgment: a sensible young woman. cognizant; keenly aware (usually followed by of): sensible of his fault.

What is an example of reversibility?

An example of reversibility is that a child might be able to recognize that his or her dog is a Labrador, that a Labrador is a dog, and that a dog is an animal.

What is the importance of reversibility?

Reversibility means that an athlete can lose the effects of training when they stop, and can gain the effects when they begin to train again. Detraining occurs within a relatively short time period after an athlete ceases to train. Performance reductions may occur in as little as two weeks or sooner.

What is another word for forcible?

WordHippoForcible Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for forcible?compellingstrongenergeticunanswerableassertiveintensemilitantpuissantvehementvigorous173 more rows

What does forcible compulsion mean?

Forcible compulsion means physical force which overcomes resistance, or a threat, express or implied, that places a person in fear of death or physical injury to herself or himself or another person, or in fear that she or he or another person will be kidnapped.

What does reversibility mean?

reversibility – the quality of being reversible in either direction. changeability, changeableness – the quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change; “the changeableness of the weather”

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