Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym Of Loftily?

What is the meaning of screamed screamed?

B1 [ I or T ] to cry or say something loudly and usually on a high note, especially because of strong emotions such as fear, excitement, or anger: A spider landed on her pillow and she screamed..

What does soaring mean?

1 : to fly or glide through the air often at a great height. 2 : to increase quickly Prices were soaring. 3 : to rise quickly My spirits soared. 4 : to rise to a great height Buildings soared above us.

What are lofty ideas?

A lofty ideal or ambition is noble, important, and admirable. It was a bank that started out with grand ideas and lofty ideals. Synonyms: noble, grand, distinguished, superior More Synonyms of lofty. 2. adjective.

What does adamantly mean?

: in an adamant manner : with great insistence or determination They adamantly refused to answer any more questions. He adamantly denies the allegations.

Is lofty a positive word?

Lofty is a good word for describing something that’s high above the ground, or someone who acts like she’s high above everyone else. Dating from the 15th century, lofty originally meant “exalted,” or spiritually high, but soon came to mean physically high as well.

What’s another word for aggressive?

What is another word for aggressive?belligerentantagonistichostileviolentadversarialangryargumentativecantankerousconfrontationalfierce226 more rows

What is the meaning of soaring of milk?

Soured milk denotes a range of food products produced by the acidification of milk. … The acid causes milk to coagulate and thicken, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and improving the product’s shelf life.

Why is scream so famous?

Edvard Munch’s masterpiece The Scream (1895) is one of the world’s most recognizable artworks and a stunning vision of existential loneliness and anguish made on the eve of what would become Europe’s most violent century.

What does passive aggressive mean in simple terms?

Passive-aggressive behavior is a pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them. There’s a disconnect between what a passive-aggressive person says and what he or she does.

What is the synonym and antonym of loftily?

ˈlɔfti) Of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style. Synonyms. exalted rarified noble idealistic elevated high-flown high-minded rarefied sublime noble-minded grand. Antonyms. ignoble lowered unpretentious stay inglorious.

Does lofty mean noble?

Elevated; noble; sublime. The definition of lofty is very high in the air, elevated in character, or overly grand. …

What is another word for soaring?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for soaring, like: glide, sky-high, airy, high, eminent, lofty, towering, flying, surging, skying and ascending.

What is a covert message?

Covert Messages If you are upset over a personal matter and spend the morning frowning while you work, you will send a message that you don’t like what you are doing or are unable to cope with the work. Body language can reveal feelings that you are trying to hide.

What does careened mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to put (a ship or boat) on a beach especially in order to clean, caulk, or repair the hull. 2 : to cause to heel over High waves careened the boat. intransitive verb. 1a : to clean, caulk, or repair the hull of a boat.

What is an antonym of aggressive?

Opposite of full of aggression or hostility. friendly. affable. affectionate. amiable.

What is a antonym for loftily?

lofty. Antonyms: depressed, low, stunted, undignified, ordinary, unstately, mean, unimposing, unassuming, affable. Synonyms: elevated, towering, high, dignified, eminent, stately, haughty, majestic, airy, tall.

What is the meaning of screamed?

to utter a loud, sharp, piercing cry. to emit a shrill, piercing sound: The sirens and whistles screamed. to laugh immoderately or uncontrollably: The comedian had the audience screaming. to shout or speak shrilly, especially with harsh or exaggerated words: They screamed across the back fence.

What does soaring higher means?

To soar means more than just to fly; it means to rise swiftly, to feel the wind slipping below you as you ride it higher, higher, higher. Flying is just moving through the air.

What does minuscule mean in English?

1 : very small minuscule amounts. 2 : written in or in the size or style of minuscules.

How do you use the word lofty?

(1) The lofty walls of the castle seemed impregnable. (2) He stayed at the ISH, from whose lofty heights he could see across New York. (3) The room was light and lofty compared with our Tudor ones. (4) From our lofty vantage point, we could see the city spread out below us.

What is a lofty dream?

Man is always said to chase lofty dreams; in a way, we are wired to do so. Lofty, meaning high in rank, style or physical height, implies achievement of a certain elevated position. The word is used often in the non-physical sense, signifying heights of achievement or status.

What kind of word is screamed?

scream used as a noun: Can be the exclamation of a word, but is usually a sustained, high-pitched vowel sound, particularly /æ/ or /i/, in any case, the loudest and most emphatic sound a human can make tends to be a scream.

What is the meaning of loftily?

1a : elevated in character and spirit : noble lofty ideals. b : elevated in status : superior the less lofty customers of the bar. 2 : having a haughty overbearing manner : supercilious She showed a lofty disregard for their objections. 3a : rising to a great height : impressively high lofty mountains.

What is covert behavior?

behavior that is not directly observable and can only be inferred by the observer or reported by the subject. For example, imagining something is covert behavior.

What does the word noble mean?

1 : having or showing very fine or admirable qualities a noble deed He was a noble person of courage and honesty. 2 : of very high birth or rank a noble lady. 3 : grand in appearance a noble cathedral.

What is it called when someone is overly aggressive?

/ (ˌəʊvərəˈɡrɛsɪv) /

What does covert mean?

1 : not openly shown, engaged in, or avowed : veiled a covert alliance a covert military operation covert racism. 2 : covered over : sheltered covert places in the woods.

What does serene mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : marked by or suggestive of utter calm and unruffled repose or quietude a serene smile. 2a : clear and free of storms or unpleasant change serene skies.

What is a covert lie?

lying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed (especially being kept in the background or deliberately concealed)

What does imbued mean?

imbue • \im-BYOO\ • verb. 1 : to permeate or influence as if by dyeing 2 : to tinge or dye deeply 3 : to provide with something freely or naturally : endow.

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