Quick Answer: What Was Ebright Eighth Grade Project?

Why did Ebright raise a flock of butterflies 10?

Why did Ebright decide to raise butterflies in his basement.

He wanted to tag the monarch butterflies to study their migration.

Since butterfly season lasted only six weeks he wouldn’t be able catch many and tag them.

Hence, he decided to raise them in his basement..

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1. Bholi had a fall and suffered from smallpox when she was two years old. This damaged her brain resulting in mental retardation and speech disorder. She could not speak well because of her speech disorder and started stammering whenever she tried to speak and uttered the wrong words.

How was Ebright as a student?

Ebright was a brilliant student. He earned top grades in his class. When he was in second grade, he had collected all the twenty-five species of butterflies. … In his second year, Ebright studied the purpose of the twelve tiny gold spots on a monarch pupa.

Which projects did Richard undertake in the eighth grade?

Which project did Richard undertake in the eighth grade? Answer: Richard undertook the project to find the cause of a viral fever that had killed thousands of butterflies. He thought that a beetle might carry the virus although he was not able to prove it.

Why did Ebright write to Urquhart?

Ebright wrote to Dr Urquhart for ideas. In reply, the famous scientist gave him many suggestions for experiments. These experiments kept Ebright busy all through high school. He also won many prizes in the county and international science fairs.

What did Ebright collect first?

Answer: Ebright began collecting butterflies, rocks, fossils and coins. He began as early as when he was in kindergarten. He collected with same determination that had marked all his activities.

What did Albert do for his eighth grade project?

For his eigth grade project, he tried to find the cause of a viral disease that kills nearly all monarch caterpillars every few years. Though he couldnot reach any conclusion, yet he showed the experiment and won.

What did Mr Weiherer say about Ebright?

Mr. Weiherer was of the opinion that Ebright was competitive in a true sense. He didn’t want to win jus for the sake of winning. But actually, he wanted to accomplish his ambition and contribute the best that he could in this field.

How did Ebright raise a flock of butterflies?

Richard Ebright performed an experiment on a gather of butterflies and raises the eggs of female royals. Explanation: The cells would divide and grow into a normal butterfly, he discovered that if they were fed a hormone that was found in the gold spots of the ruler.

How did Ebright and Dr Urquhart?

How did Ebright come in contact with Dr Urquhart? Richard had an interest in collecting butterflies since childhood. To support it, his mother gifted him Dr Urquhart’s book, ‘The Travels of Monarch X’. … His mother contacted the doctor and thus Ebright started tagging butterflies for Dr Urquhart.

What did Ebright do to help Urquhart?

She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials, and other equipments that helped him in many ways. Briefly summarise the article, ‘The Making of a Scientist’.

Which project in the eighth grade finally won a Ebright an award?

Answer: As a high school junior, Richard Ebright continued his advanced experiments on the monarch pupa. That year his project won first place at the International Science Fair and gave him another chance to work in the army laboratory during the summer.

What was Ebright project for science fair?

His project was to see if birds would eat monarchs. This project was placed first in the zoology division and third overall in the county science fair. In his second year in high school, Ebright’s research led to his discovery of an unknown insect hormone. Indirectly, it led to his new theory on the life of cells.

What projects and experiments does Ebright then undertake?

What experiments and projects does he then undertake? Ans. He make experiments to find out what causes the viral disease that kills nearly all monarch caterpillars. He undertakes a project to test the theory that vicerory butterflies copy monarches to survive.

Why did Ebright lose interest in butterflies?

Ebright used to tag butterflies wings and let them go. In fact, the basement of his house was home to thousands of monarch butterflies. He started losing interest in it because it was a tedious job and there wasn’t much feedback.

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What made Ebright write to Dr Urquhart and with what result?

Richard Ebright’s interest in butterflies led him to collect all the twenty-five species of butterflies found around his home town when he was only second grade. … It invited the readers to help study butterfly migrations. It introduced him to Dr. Urquhart.

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What made ebright a successful scientist?

“Richard Ebright was a successful scientist who gave a new theory of cells to the scientific world.” Elucidate. Ans: Ebright tried experiments on butterflies for a science fair. In his project, in the second year of high school, he tried to explain the purpose of twelve tiny gold spots on a Monarch pupa.

What was the achievement that Richard Ebright manage at the age of 22?

Richard had a rare honour at the age of twenty-two. He wrote an article with his friend about a theory of how cells work. The article was published in the scientific journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. ‘ No one had this achievement at such a young age before him.

Why did Mr Weiherer comment that Richard was competitive?

He said that Richard was competitive, not in a bad sense but because he wanted to do his best job and that’s what made him a winner.

What was Richard H Ebright eighth grade project on did he win?

Answer: After losing out at the science fair, Richard Ebright undertook various experiments and projects. For his eighth grade project, he tried finding the cause of a viral disease that killed nearly all monarch caterpillars every few years.

What was the area of study of Ebright in his eighth grade?

The book The Travels of Monarch X gave him a thorough knowledge about the monarch butterflies. In the second year of his high school, Ebright began to search an unknown hormone in the gold spots of butterflies. In later years, he discovered how a cell could read the blueprint of its DNA.

What experiments and projects does Ebright take after losing the competition in seventh grade?

Richard Ebright’s mother helped him by encouraging his interest in learning. She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials and other equipments, and helped him in many other ways.

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