Quick Answer: Which Nerve Has Longest Intracranial Course?

What is the name of cranial nerve VIII?

vestibulocochlear nerveThe vestibulocochlear nerve, also known as cranial nerve eight (CN VIII), consists of the vestibular and cochlear nerves..

Which of the following is the longest cranial nerve?

The vagus nerve (cranial nerve [CN] X) is the longest cranial nerve in the body, containing both motor and sensory functions in both the afferent and efferent regards.

Which cranial nerve has the longest nuclei?

abducens nerveOf all the cranial nerves, the abducens nerve has the longest intracranial course. It is located in the pons at the floor of the fourth ventricle, at the same level as the facial colliculus. In fact, the axons of the facial nerve loop around the posterior aspect of the abducens nucleus.

How do you test cranial nerve 6?

Cranial nerve VI controls eye movement to the sides. Ask the patient to look toward each ear. Then have him follow your fingers through the six cardinal fields of gaze. Here’s another easy technique you can use: With your finger, make a big X in the air and then draw a horizontal line across it.

Does sixth nerve palsy go away?

Often, symptoms from sixth nerve palsy improve on their own. Sixth nerve palsy following a viral illness often completely goes away within a few months. Symptoms following trauma may also improve over several months.

Which cranial nerve has shortest intracranial course?

trochlear nerveThe trochlear nerve is unique among the cranial nerves in several respects: It is the smallest nerve in terms of the number of axons it contains. It has the greatest intracranial length. It is the only cranial nerve that exits from the dorsal (rear) aspect of the brainstem.

How long does it take for 6th nerve palsy to heal?

Sixth nerve palsy caused by viral illness generally goes away completely while cases due to trauma may have residual symptoms. The greatest improvement generally occurs in the first 6 months. Most people with idiopathic sixth nerve palsy (of unknown cause) completely recover.

What do the 12 cranial nerves do?

The 12 cranial nerves extend from your brain and brain stem, responsible for helping you control different motor and sensory functions. Twelve cranial nerves extend from your brain and brain stem, responsible for helping you control different motor and sensory functions.

What happens if the trigeminal nerve is damaged?

Trigeminal nerve injuries not only causes significant neurosensory deficits and facial pain, but can cause significant comorbidities due to changes in eating habits from muscular denervation of masticator muscles or altered sensation of the oral mucosa.

What is the shortest cranial nerve?

trochlear nerveThe trochlear nerve is the fourth paired cranial nerve. It is the smallest cranial nerve (by number of axons), yet has the longest intracranial course.

Where is the 6th cranial nerve located?

The abducens nerve arises from the abducens nucleus in the pons of the brainstem. It exits the brainstem at the junction of the pons and the medulla. It then enters the subarachnoid space and pierces the dura mater to travel in an area known as Dorello’s canal.

What is the strongest nerve in human body?

Sciatic nerve, largest and thickest nerve of the human body that is the principal continuation of all the roots of the sacral plexus.

How is cranial nerve 9 and 10 tested?

The motor division of CN 9 & 10 is tested by having the patient say “ah” or “kah”. The palate should rise symmetrically and there should be little nasal air escape. With unilateral weakness the uvula will deviate toward the normal side because that side of the palate is pulled up higher.

What are the three branches of the trigeminal nerve?

It contains the sensory cell bodies of the 3 branches of the trigeminal nerve (the ophthalmic, mandibular, and maxillary divisions).

Which nerve is responsible for a human to run faster?

The vagus nerve functions contribute to the autonomic nervous system, which consists of the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts. The nerve is responsible for certain sensory activities and motor information for movement within the body.

Which is the thickest cranial nerve?

The largest cranial nerve is trigeminal nerve. The smallest cranial nerve is abducens nerve. The thinnest cranial nerve is trochlear nerve.

How do you test for cranial nerve damage?

Light touch is tested in each of the three divisions of the trigeminal nerve and on each side of the face using a cotton wisp or tissue paper. The ophthalmic division is tested by touching the forehead, the maxillary division is tested by touching the cheeks, and the mandibular division is tested by touching the chin.

What is the 12th cranial nerve?

The Hypoglossal Nerve is the 12th Cranial Nerve (Cranial Nerve XII). It is mainly an efferent nerve for the tongue musculature. The nerve originates from the medulla and travels caudally and dorsally to the tongue.