What Alignment Is Thanos?

What are the 9 alignments?

The nine alignments are, based on these two axes: Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral, True Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil, and Lawful Evil..

What alignment is Loki?

chaotic evilLoki is chaotic evil in alignment.

Is Thanos chaotic good?

Thanos in his own opinion is doing the right thing and crusades with to some degree self-sacrificing his assets, time and health to this cause of the greater good, so because in the movie he’s not killing everyone to bone Death he’d be good instead of evil. So, chaotic good would be my optimal pick.

Is the Joker chaotic neutral?

When the Joker kills a whole bunch of people but lets someone live randomly because it’s funny, he’s Chaotic Neutral. When he just murders everyone indiscriminately, he’s Chaotic Evil. … That is kind of how the alignment system works. But a good person can commit an evil act without being evil.

Which alignment is most evil?

Chaotic evilChaotic evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents the destruction not only of beauty and life but also of the order on which beauty and life depend.

Is Spiderman chaotic good?

Spiderman – Chaotic Good – he’s a vigilante who runs from the police constantly.

What alignment is Deadpool?

So, I think there’s a few things we can take away for playing all a Chaotic Neutral character from these character examples. First, these characters are not murder hobos. While Deadpool kills, he kills bad guys, and people that he knows are bad guys, not people he might just guess are bad guys.

Is Loki chaotic evil?

Chaotic Neutral – Loki Part of being a Chaotic Neutral is that you do whatever you can get away with. No one in the MCU fits that description more than the God of Mischief. Loki often sides with the villains in a film, but that’s usually because he’s getting something out of it.

What is the most common alignment?

The most popular alignment–again, according to D&D Beyond’s user data, which is a sizable chunk of change–is Chaotic Good. Looks like you people just don’t want to play by the rules.

Is Loki impulsive?

Loki is also often mentioned in connection with air, wind and flight. He is said to have been impulsive, with a quick but often malicious tongue and a wily, cunning sort of wisdom, and Snorri describes him as ‘beautiful and comely to look upon, evil in spirit, very fickle in habit.

What alignment is Iron Man?

9 NEUTRAL GOOD – IRON MAN Iron Man is a character that has always set out to do the best good that he can do and still believes in helping others.

Can lawful good be evil?

Rather than large picture, simply put chaotic good is the alignment for commiting evil for greater good. Possibly even a lawful evil, so long as they acknowledge their actions are definitely evil.

Is Thanos lawful neutral?

MCU Thanos is Lawful Evil but leaning Lawful. His goals are Lawful- a balanced, more orderly universe- but his methods are very, very evil, not just the mass murder but also the abuse he heaps on his (kidnapped) daughters to make them better killing machines. Comic Thanos is more Chaotic Evil.

Is Captain Jack Sparrow chaotic neutral?

2 Jack Sparrow: Chaotic Neutral His character is always fun to watch and cannot be compared to anyone else in the franchise. Although he is a pirate, it would be wrong to place Jack in the evil alignment.

What alignment is Black Widow?

Black WidowSexFemaleHeight5’7″Weight125lbsAlignmentNeutral Good5 more rows

Is Batman lawful or chaotic?

Batman is the opposite of chaotic while specifically not lawful in the sense that he as created a level between law officer and criminal. Good and evil is a fine line.

What is a chaotic good?

Chaotic Good definition A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he’s kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations.

Is Thanos chaotic neutral?

No. Thanos is Neutral Evil. He stands outside the boundaries of Chaos and Order (Lawful), and yet he is evil. … He stands outside the boundaries of Chaos and Order (Lawful), and yet he is evil.

Is Loki lawful evil?

MCU Loki is neutral (as opposed to evil) because he’s self-centered and not necessarily cruel or malicious. He’s willing to kill people to get what he wants, but he doesn’t derive pleasure from it.

Is Harley Quinn chaotic neutral?

10 Harley Quinn- Chaotic Neutral While some part of her behavior is based on the fact that she doesn’t know what she is doing, Harley Quinn fits the bill for chaotic neutral perfectly.

Do chaotic good characters kill?

The stereotype of the Chaotic Good character in D&D is basically Chaotic Neutral, but only towards jerks. All the killing and looting and “random” destruction that comes with being Chaotic Neutral, but it’s all okay because you only do it to bad guys.

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