Where Is It Illegal For Donkeys To Sleep In Bathtubs?

What is the most dangerous animal in Pennsylvania?

You’ll Want To Steer Clear Of The 6 Most Dangerous Animals Found In PennsylvaniaBlack Bear.

Flickr/Jim Mullhaupt.

Timber Rattlesnake.

Flickr/Tristan Loper.


Flickr/Penn State.


Flickr/Matt “smooth tooth” Knoth.

Black Widows.

Flickr/Lorenzo Tlacaelel.

Ticks.Mar 2, 2021.

Is it illegal to own a pig in PA?

From cats to ferrets, dogs to hamsters, even pot-bellied pigs: there are a number of animals you can have as pets in Pennsylvania. But there are many animals that are illegal to have as pets, and a few that you can only keep with a special permit.

Is it illegal to catch a fish with your hands in PA?

In Pennsylvania, It is illegal to reach down into the water and catch a fish with your hands. It all stems from Title 58 of the State code.

Why is it illegal to eat an orange in a bathtub in California?

3 In California, It is Illegal to Eat an Orange in Your Bathtub. … It was made around 1920, when people believed that the citric acid in the orange would mix with the natural bath oils and would create a highly explosive mixture.

Why is it illegal to sing in the bathtub in Pennsylvania?

The Bathtub Singing Prohibition Act of 1969 was passed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in order to force talented singers out of such cloistered confines and make them perform nude in public instead.

What are the dumbest laws in the United States?

50 Dumbest Laws In The USA door on a car may not be left open longer than is necessary.Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship.It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway.More items…•Mar 9, 2017

Is it illegal to walk backwards while eating a donut?

Ohio. In Marion, Ohio, it’s illegal to eat a doughnut while walking backward.

Why eat an orange in the shower?

According to Reddit users, eating an orange in the shower is a liberating act of consumption that will bring unbridled joy. … The counselor claimed, “Tearing apart a cold fresh orange with your bare hands, just letting the juices run over your body. Not worrying if you’re going to get sticky, or anything.

Why is it illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs?

Law #4: donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs. This crazy law was brought into effect due to a public menace case in 1924. … The town was flooded when a local dam broke and the donkey, still in the tub, was washed a mile down the valley with the rising waters before he finally landed in a basin.

Is walking backwards while eating a donut illegal in Oregon?

Marion, Oregon One may not walk backward while eating a donut on any city street.

What is the slipper law?

It’s illegal to wear slippers in a public place after 10 PM in New York City. … This law is in place because the smelly slippers may attract rats. So, do the police walk around arresting anyone with slippers on?

What is the dumbest law in California?

Below is our list of 10 weird laws in California. Women are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle while wearing a houseboat. It is illegal to hunt any game while in a moving vehicle except whaling. … In Eureka, men with mustaches cannot kiss a woman.

Why is it illegal to peel an orange in a hotel room?

It is illegal to peel oranges in a hotel room. … All we would say is that it is “discriminatory” towards oranges because nowhere does it say it is illegal to peel bananas, kiwis, or avocados in a hotel room.

What state is it illegal to sing in the shower?

state of PennsylvaniaPENNSYLVANIA: Watch out shower singers, no arias in these bathtubs. You may not sing in the bathtub in the state of Pennsylvania.

In what state is it illegal to get a fish drunk?

state of OhioThe state of Ohio says it is illegal to get a fish drunk.

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